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Avalanche C4 File Management Coming to the

G-RACK™ 12 High-performance NAS

Simplifies the data movement and management between NAS

Today, announces customers will soon be able to embed's innovative file management application into G-Technology®’s G-NAS™ OS for use on the G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS device.

This integration enables the G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS to be one of the first storage solutions to fully implement the new SMPTE standard for asset identification the Cinema Content Creation Cloud Identification System or C4 ID.

C4 IDs are the KEYKODEs of file based workflows.

Just as KEYCODES (or edge codes) were used in film production to link edits and other data back to an exact frame on the original negatives, C4 IDs are unique fingerprints of digital files that provide a way to track files, and the relationships between them.

Media production workflows are extremely demanding in their use of storage. We created C4 and a file manager application for filmmakers to address the complexity of interacting with files that move between portable offline drives, high performance NAS, cloud, and object storage systems

Said founder Joshua Kolden

The G-Technology brand has a reputation for delivering great storage solutions that are perfect for content creators, so we are very excited for our collaboration to bring a completely integrated production tool that is easy to use and powerful.

The collaboration includes native support for the G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS and the G-NAS OS within the Avalanche File Navigator for Filmmakers, which gives content creators a unified view of files across all storage systems. Users can manage and organize files wherever they are without having to move them across networks until needed. It’s even possible to interact with files that are offline on portable drives, for example while in transit between set and editorial, Avalanche can apply changes once the drive is connected again.

In addition to native C4 ID support, backend integration includes policy based automated backup and restore with the G-RACK 12 high-performance NAS.

Enhancing the connectivity and ease of file management between various storage platforms is becoming more common within our media & entertainment industry and applications such as Avalanche C4 are ideal tools to help stay on top of these valuable assets

Stated Scott Vouri, VP of Business Development, Western Digital.

Working together with the Avalanche team delivers greater value to our combined customers and showcases G-Technology storage solutions.