File Manager for Filmmakers

The Avalanche file browser is built from the ground up for filmmakers. It lets you interact with files wherever they live without having to download them first. It's a powerful production tool that's as easy to use as the file navigator on your computer.

Filmmakers have files everywhere, and these files are huge. With Avalanche all of these files can be seen from one intuitive interface, no mater where files are located.


Create as many different views of your files as you want without taking up any more space. Make any number of copies, keep files in an any number of folders, and even support multiple naming conventions simultaneously.


Avalanche goes beyond simple upload, download, and sync, adding the ability to move files directly between two or more remote computers, and keep track of files moving on portable drives, and stored in archives.

Keycode for Files

Avalanche uses the innovative C4 framework, and the C4 ID system to uniquely identify every file everywhere regardless of filename or location. Identical files have identical C4 IDs, making C4 IDs the Keycode of file-based workflows.

One File System

Avalanche presents all you files in one place with an easy to understand file system view, even if those files are in other types of storage such like an object store.

Frames Aware

Avalanche turns frame sequences into virtual folders that act like clips, but keep individual frames accessible. This also makes it a cinch to rename and renumber frame sequences.

Stay Tuned!

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